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Mended Little Hearts National Facebook page

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Mended Little Hearts Grandparents & Families – (For grandparents and extended family of children and patients with CHD)

For more information about the closed Facebook groups below, please contact our Social Media Chair at

    MLH CHD Chat Facebook Group (For parents, patients and immediate family members)

    Mended Little Hearts Angels Facebook Group (For parents and immediate family members who have lost children with CHD)

    Mended Little Hearts Teens Facebook Group (For teens ONLY. This group is carefully monitored by medical professionals, select adults with CHD and staff.)

“Mended Little Hearts allows parents to support each other and new families in a way that only another congenital heart defect family understands, giving families a sense of hope and security. When my son was finally home from the hospital, I was terrified, scared and depressed. When MLH came into my life, I finally felt a sense of security—knowing that I wasn't alone and other parents felt the same way I did.”
- Jaime Olsen, Mom to Tyler
Chicago, Illinois
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